Healing Circles Mosaic 2014

This mosaic was commissioned by Pangula Mannamurna, an Aboriginal Health Service in Mt Gambier SA. It is part of the Healing Circles Project which is a cultural landscape being created on the grounds of the Health Service.

I designed the cultural landscape in 2012 and included in the design the opportunity for a number of artworks. Funding was secured to begin the project and this mosaic appears in the first of three healing circles. There are opportunities for the creation of numerous other artworks within the cultural landscape and I hope the funding is found to complete this ambitious project.

I designed this mosaic in 2014 and community participants fabricated it over the following year. I travelled to Mt Gambier in October 2015 to install it.

Each panel is 600mm x 600mm and the mosaic is made from hand-cut, glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles.