Alexandrina Mosaics

In 2003 I was contacted by Architect Pippa Morgan and offered the job of designing a mosaic for the forecourt of the Alexandrina Library. Around the same time, Council staff visited my workshop to view a mosaic I had made for an exhibition in 2001. 

The pavement mosaic depicts features of the Alexandrina Council area, such as the ocean, the river, vineyards, and sand dunes. The words 'Alexandrina Council' were also added. This mosaic is designed to lead into the building and lines up with a negative joint created by the attachment of new building work to the original stone building.

The wall mosaic depicts a pelican flying over the South Lakes - this was the exhibition piece.

The pavement mosaic is made from hand-cut, vitrified porcelain tiles and high pressure water-jet cut quarry tiles. The wall mosaic is made from hand-cut, glazed ceramic floor tiles.

The design for the pavement mosaic began in September 2003 and the work was completed in July 2004. The pelican mosaic was made in 2001.