Seamen’s Memorial Mosaic 2008

Located at Pinky Point, Thevenard, South Australia, this 4.5m high structure is a replica lighthouse built to commemorate all those lost at sea in the area. It even has a working light on top (all approved, of course).

This mosaic, and the Ceduna Cultural Centre Mosaic (also featured on this website), were part of the ‘Remembering and Moving On – Communities of Thevenard and Ceduna’ project in 2008.

I worked with an amazing group of locals, led by Chris Gascoyne, to cut the tiles for this mosaic. The design is based on the commercial fishing history of the area, with additional elements like the depiction of a mermaid, believed to be a friend to fishers. The red sky references Aboriginal Astronomy with the depiction of the Southern Cross and Pointers as a shark and a stingray.

I began the design for this mosaic in January 2008 and installed it in July 2008