Tinyeri Mosaics 2010

I worked with children at The Murray Bridge Children’s Centre (Tinyeri), Year 8 students from Murray Bridge High School, and volunteers from Murray Mallee Community Health to create a number of mosaics to be installed at Tinyeri.

We made a ‘belonging bench’, which was a series of round compressed -cement pillars with timber tops forming benches. Each pillar had a letter of the word ‘belonging’ on it. We also decorated a letterbox and a large natural stone entrance sign.

The wide range of ages working on this project required me to design the mosaics to suit the age of the children who would be making them. For the very young, it was a mosaic by numbers approach, which required no actual tile cutting. The older kids got to cut tiles in the usual way – with a score and snap cutter and tile nippers.

I started this project in early 2010 and finished installation in March 2011.