Jekejere Park Mosaic 2009

In a small park, adjacent to the South Coast Regional Art Centre (Goolwa Old Police Station) is where you'll find this mosaic. As you walk through the thickly planted perimeter of the park, you'll enter a central clearing containing a meeting place. The meeting place is defined by a straw bale wall curving around a circular mosaic.

The mosaic depicts three aspects of Ngarrindjeri weaving: the group activity of women weaving, a woman harvesting reeds, and the actual weaving pattern.

The weaving pattern was digitally produced so the precise shapes needed could be cut from thick quarry tiles using a high-pressure water-jet, the illustrative elements were hand-cut from vitrified porcelain tiles.

The tiling surrounding the mosaic (which is also part of the mosaic) is wet-saw cut, quarry tiles.

Design started in September 2009, and the installation was completed in March 2010.